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Charl van Wyck

Charl van Wyck

Charl van Wyk has been affiliated to Frontline Fellowship in Cape Town, South Africa, since 1991. He has undertaken numerous successful mission trips to Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and provinces within South Africa.

Charl is a full-time missionary and Assistant-Director of Frontline Fellowship, the Director of our Africa Christian Action ministry, the presenter of a weekly radio program “Salt and Light”, and the author of: “Shooting Back – The Right and Duty of Self- Defence”.

Charl is married to Sonja and they have four children, Roberta, Jason, John-Marc and Anya.

Charl is known as the man who returned fire at the terrorists during the St. James Massacre. He received a citation from General Acker of the South African Police, for his courage under fire, which halted the terrorist attack on the St. James Church, on 25 July 1993. His courageous action that night saved many lives.  Since the attack Charl has taken the Gospel to the terrorists in jail and has been a guest speaker at their meetings in Townships.

As the Director of Africa Christian Action, Charl has organised numerous delegations and presentations to Parliament, prayer vigils, protests, rallies and Life Chains. By God’s grace, the Operation Clean Sweep, launched by Africa Christian Action in 1991, succeeded in persuading over 9,000 stores in South Africa that used to stock pornography to remove such offensive materials from their shelves. Telkom’s 087-dial-a-porn service was also cancelled in response to ACA’s campaign. Most of the hospitals and medical personnel in South Africa refuse to have any part in abortions. Several abortion clinics have closed down and special crisis Parliamentary hearings have been held over the unwillingness of most medical personnel in South Africa to take part in the, now legal, abortions.

In the Central African country of Zambia, Charl also launched Zambia United Christian Action in 1992. This organisation has had a great impact upon the moral climate of that previously socialist nation. Charl has led three mission teams to Zambia, which not only helped two Bible Colleges and mission stations, but also served at the Samaritan Community Orphanage. He also helped produce the first Biblical Issues Voters’ Guide in Zambia.

Should you want an up-to-date insight and inspiring report on the situation in Southern Africa, Charl would be an inspiration and challenge to your congregation, school, and home fellowship or radio listeners.  Charl’s remarkable testimony and insight into the complex conflicts raging in Africa today, will grip listeners.

You can find Charl on Facebook or visit his webiste or his blog.  His book, Shooting Back, is of great interests to Christians who are concerned with learning more about their right and responsibility to defend themselves and others.

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