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Charles Graff

Charles Graff

 I grew up in Texas and when  forced to make my own way in the world, followed the family profession of Law. I was admitted to the Texas Bar Association in 1967. I followed that trade until one day in 1970 when I made my first real stick to the ribs commitment to Jesus Christ. The vehicle for this conversion was J.R.W. Stott’s wonderful little book Basic Christianity.   There was a strong call into the ministry and I spent the next three years back in school at Seminary.

In 1971, I was ordained Deacon in the Northwest Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. That part of the world became home and I served a three churches there and was ordained Elder in 1974. I have remained a United Methodist Pastor every since serving churches of all sizes in Texas and New Mexico.

I did spend a term of service as a church planting missionary in Ecuador South America with a one year stop in Costa Rica to study the Spanish language.

There was not a time I can remember when I was not fascinated by guns. I have engaged in various types of shooting sports over the years and have been an avid handloader since 1958. My principal areas of interest are revolvers and cast bullet rifle shooting. I am also a fair to middling gun mechanic.

Retirement will be upon me in a few years and I am looking forward to having more time to smell powder smoke and punch little round holes in paper targets way out there. We never retire fully from the Lord’s service and He will always have some small ministry for me to perform. I hope I never get so old or stove up that I am of no use to Him.

May God bless you all and keep em in the X-ring.

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