Luke 22:36

Paul Moreland

Paul is a third generation preacher and a second generation missionary. He is currently serving as a missionary in the country of Colombia in the heart of “Coffee Country”. He has owned firearms since he was 14, although his father introduced him to hunting and shooting long before he owned his own gun. The first firearm he purchased was a Rossi double barrel .22 derringer in a side by side configuration with exposed hammers. As Mark Twain said in his book “Roughing It” “I was armed to the teeth with a pitiful little…” handgun. But Paul, too, thought it was grand.

He is devoted to teaching people to return to the old paths, to the way Christ established for His church. Paul understands the simplicity of the Christian faith as taught by the apostles of Jesus Christ. He also understands the simplicity of government as established by the founders of the United States of America. His love for the Constitution as originally written, interpreted and enforced is second only to his love for the Bible and the Church established by Jesus the Christ.

For more information on Paul’s ministry, visit the South American Christian Mission web page.

There’s another site he’s been involved in as well. It’s the Christian Sixgunners web site.

You can visit Paul’s personal blog or view his Facebook page as well.

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